George Worker Collection Point (WCP)


The Municipal Worker Collection Point offers a safe space for unemployed persons and local residents or businesses looking for a general or specific skilled worker to connect.\

Municipal Project Manager assisting a member of the public and work seekers

This is not a labour broking service!

The George Municipality is not involved in negotiating daily rates and all payments take place directly between the private parties. The project was initially set up to improve the safety situation around intersections where unemployed persons wait for work. It further allows unemployed persons to build up a reference list over time, thus improving their chances of securing full time work. Finally the facility reduces risk to businesses through verifying skills and being able to recommend reliable, productive workers.

Project Manager: Desmond Carolus

Tel: 044 801 9173

The facility also serves as base for a number of other LED Projects, including Community Market Days and Food Security.

Frequent Contributors

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