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3. Main Objectives towards realising the Strategic Goals

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Objectives for Strategic Goal 3 - Quality and sustainable living environment: How would you suggest they be improved?

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Objectives for Strategic Goal 3 - Quality and sustainable living environment: How would you suggest they be improved?

2016/11/15 1:44 PM CAT (edited)

Objectives are realistically achievable with the limited resources available. There is no point in us adding idealistic objectives which are not achievable. Please keep this in mind in our discussion - when you make a suggestion, include who you think should do this and where will the money come from?

Current suggestions for objectives:

  • Maximise economic opportunities and comparative advantage
  • Enable sustainable rural and agricultural development
  • Enhance conservation and biodiversity
  • Protect cultural and built heritage landscape
  • Spatially enable sustainable settlements
  • Enhance safe, healthy, liveable and sustainable communities and neighbourhoods
  • Provide the whole spectrum of government subsidised housing (Integrated Residential Development Programme (IRDP), Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) and Community Residential Unit Programme (CRU))
  • Increase access for citizens in new settlements to urban amenities, work, schools, clinics, parks, etc.
  • Maintain a balance between non-paying and paying households through the increased provision of affordable housing, Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) housing, Gap housing and social housing

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1. 2016/12/15 5:05 PM CAT (edited) by Moderator

Suggestions made at the SMAF meeting of 6 December 2016:

  • Market our available infrastructure.
  • Attract investors to the Swartland.
  • Formalise conservation areas together with National and Provincial Government.
  • Improve general traffic flow and parking.
  • Conduct more youth activities
  • Integrate environment into all strategic goals - overall theme.
  • Protect farm land, set criteria for land use changes e.g. sand mining.
  • Business centre redevelopment.
  • Seek agriparks benefits.
  • Strategic objectives do not place enough emphasis on ecosystem services.
  • What does "sustainability of natural ecosystems improved" mean. And how is it done?
  • Cheaper Gap housing for middle income groups.
  • Develop businesses around improving the natural environment and increasing biodiversity.
  • Are there any plans to build a Green Economy?
  • Rainfall is more often the result of trees (transpiration) rather than removing trees to save water. We should be planting water wise forests.
  • Greater attention should be given to the securing of the natural environment - waterways, green spaces, parks, trees, food gardens.
  • Toxic waste disposal system / policy.
  • Stop illegal liquor selling and drug merchants.
2. 2017/01/31 4:42 PM CAT

First and foremost we have to protect our natural environment in order for us to have a sustainable future. This means protecting our soils for agricultural means as well as for natural vegetation eg Fynbos. In order to protect our soils we cannot allow sandmining in agricultural areas such as the Paardeberg. The Municipality can stop and prevent further sandmining applications. It is as easy as that., please use your power in this respect. Sand can be mined in other areas, which are not valuable agriculturally and rich in ecotourism such as the beautiful Paardeberg. Thank you

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