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4. Benefits (goals) for TARGET GROUPS

Business related goals: What are your suggestions for improvement?

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Business related goals: What are your suggestions for improvement?

2016/11/10 9:53 PM CAT (edited)
  • All business: Business utilise advantages to grow
  • Property investors & developers: Property developers increase the supply of residential, commercial and industrial premises
  • New business investors: More businesses invest & locate here to utilise opportunities
  • Small business: Increase in supplier opportunities, translates into increased sales
  • Development partners incl. public investor: The benefits of public investment / developments for society are maximised
  • Farmers: Farmers have increased opportunity to generate income whilst adding more value to society
  • Home investors and new local consumers: More rate paying citizens re-locate to live here, to benefit from the citizen advantages
  • Unemployed / informal business: More conscious, capable and resilient unemployed and informal business
  • Vulnerable farm workers: Vulnerable citizens are less exposed to risk and suffering. Are more conscious, skilled and resilient.
  • Poor: Vulnerable citizens are less exposed to risk and suffering. Are more conscious, skilled and resilient.
Strategic objectives

2.1 Relevant stakeholders committed to collaborate to improve local competitive advantages.

2.2 Investors are made aware of specific opportunities and benefits of investing here.

2.3 Well located serviced sites are available for industrial investors. Constraint removed

2.4 Local markets work better to increase opportunity for local small businesses

2.5 Swartland is known as a good place to live by rate paying citizens of South Africa

2.6 Easier for local citizens to access economic opportunity

3.1 Maximise economic opportunities and comparative advantage. Guide where and what type of future growth and development takes place in municipality.

3.2 Identify development opportunities in support of economic growth and systematically strengthen comparative advantage . Enable sustainable rural and agricultural development.

3.6 Enhance safe, healthy, liveable and sustainable communities and neighbourhoods

4.3 Provide overall strategic direction to development and public investment in Swartland

4.5 Sound long-term financial planning including effective public investment

4.6 Sound financial management, budgeting and expenditure control

5.1 Secure sufficient long term bulk water provision

5.2 Maintenance and upgrading that sustain and improve the current condition of tarred roads

5.3 Ensure sufficient civil services capacity for planned developments

5.4 Ensure sufficient electricity capacity for planned developments

5.5 Maintenance and upgrading that sustain and improve the current condition of electrical infrastructure

5.6 Provide electricity cost effectively

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1. 2017/01/14 10:51 AM CAT

Our farms in the area could most likely be one of the strongest allies for the Swartland Municipality and the people they are responsible for.

Apart from the already huge income they generate for the Municipality there is also enormous opportunities for eco tourism on these farms some of which already are world famous for the production of top quality wines and also for the characters involved with these businesses. Everybody knows how tuff farming can be financially and farmers / wine producers should start thinking more about doing eco tourism projects on there properties (Mountain biking / Trial running / camping etc). Great revenue can be generated through this and the community, especially the poorer farm worker communities can benefit from this greatly. It will also help with regards to some of the problems with unemployment in the area that we also know is a big problem. This in turn helps with social development as well as less crime. I know of various people looking to invest into such projects but they are reluctant to do so as the area (Especially) is under constant threat of new sand mining applications with some illegal mining already ongoing since more than a year now. This destroys all hope of such projects and needs to be stopped in its tracks! These trucks on our roads through populated areas with many school children are also of huge concern and something needs to be done asap before some one gets hurt.

2. 2017/01/18 3:43 PM CAT

Tourism, Agri Processing and gas forms part of project Khulisa of the Western Cape government. Tourism, the environment and the economy are intertwined with each other. Agri processing and Agri-tourism plays an increasingly important role in our area. Agri-tourism creates additional jobs - especially considering the drought and input costs of traditional farming that are currently weighing heavy on our farmers. Short term gain through mining (with the majority of the money going out of the region) vs medium to long term gain of developing agri-tourism and increased direct spend in our towns should be seriously considered and weighed up against each other. One of the goals should thus be to encourage Agri-Tourism and Agri-tourism activities AND to protect our environment. Without farms, there is no food. Without food there is only chaos.

3. 2017/01/18 4:02 PM CAT

Encourage development of tourism attractions and SMME's in the hospitality and tourism sector.

4. 2017/01/19 4:37 PM CAT

Thanks all for red flagging the sand mining threat to eco/agri-tourism. Both here in the IDP discussion and the economic development strategy discussion. We need to develop solutions for the greater good.

The municipality has limited economic development manpower. Is the eco/agri-tourism sector willing to do the some of the work to develop solution proposals to discuss / recommend to the municipality? If so, who best would lead such a process?

5. 2017/01/19 4:48 PM CAT

Thanks Jolene,

Has any work been done yet to identify and prioritise the key attractions?

In Stellenbosch the municipality supported Franschhoek tourism to gain access to publicly owned assets e.g. mountains and Bergrivier dams to develop more tourism attractions. The private sector developed /are developing these attractions with approvals from public sector to increase "things to do" and therefore length of stay. Are there similar opportunities in Swartland?

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