Swartland for Business

Competitive Advantages

Lower cost and less risk than the Cape Town metro. But still close enough to also leverage the benefits of a city.

Factors driving growth

Similar to growth patterns of towns on the outskirts of other cities world-wide, both businesses and citizens will increasingly view Swartland as a good place to locate. The benefits include a lifestyle alternative to city life, lower cost structure and good municipal services whilst still having good access to markets in the metro. Industrial property has only recently become available again. The fact that the N7 is being upgraded to reduce travel time makes it even more attractive. Investment is expected mainly from sectors such as agro-processing, transport and logistics, retirement villages, increased retail and services. This will boost construction and property.

Main competitive advantages

Strategic l'ocation

  • Metro expansion is forced in this direction due to Paarl, Stellenbosch sensitive urban edges
  • Close to CT and what is there. Quicker to access to city than from Belville. N7 less congested than N1 and N2.
  • WC market accessible . The road network provides 8 entry points to this market.
  • Country lifestyle and city close when wanted
  • Land is available and affordable
  • Some BIG (>R billion Turnover) firms already choose to operate from here
  • Many firms serve the national market, even some retailers.
  • Strong agricultural – and Agro-processing sectors and associated supplier and distribution linkages
  • Some strong networks to leverage

Lower costs

  • Property and cost of development
  • Staff
  • Clear evidence how cost advantage used (even some retailers and services firms compete as far as Limpopo)

Lower risk

  • Safer: less crime and therefore less security costs
  • Quality of labour with a good work ethic
  • Good social cohesion. Politically stable. Good race relationships. There exists a sense of community.
  • Local government that works and is reliable

A municipality t'hat v'alues business

  • Municipality positive, supportive of business
  • Services effective. Reliable infrastructure.
  • Quick approvals: EIAs , engineering approvals, building and development plans.
  • Can get things done.

Growing investor confidence

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Competitive Advantages


How to get connected

Submit your enquiry above to our local business networks and local municipality.

Economic development strategy

Strengthen the competitive advantages of Swartland. Make it increasingly attractive as a good place for business to operate from, for their employees to work, live and play.

Attract business to locate and grow here. Make it quick and easy to invest and expand.

Make local markets work better to increase opportunity for small business. Improve access to new market opportunities, access to business development support services and to finance.

Attract more rate paying citizens to live here. Target families who are cost aware and who seek a safer, country lifestyle with good schools.

Make it easier for local citizens to access economic opportunity. Support citizens to access new job opportunities and skills development that will qualify them for new job opportunities.