George Food Security Phase 1 (2016)


During the 2012 PACA (Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage) the improved coordination of food garden activities in George was identified as potential quick win project. This links with vegetable production and processing being a strategic focus area in which it is believed the area has and will have a competitive position over the long term. The municipal LED office has supported and initiated numerous food security related initiatives over the past years, with many lessons learnt. This project consolidates all this learning and relationships built over time into a structured approach to food security across communities in George.

The first phase of the project (to be rolled out in ten communities) was launched on 8 March 2016, with one of the sponsors (Starke Ayres) contributing the first seeds for distribution.

Starke Ayres sponsorship handed to Mr. Desmond Carolus (middle - Project Coordinator)

Our key partners in this project are:



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Kirsten & Tulleken Vervoer

Grow Green Organics

Gardening is FUN! Helping communities in terms of food security and contributing towards prettier and healthier environments.

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Proud participants being recognized for their contribution

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Tel: 044 801 9173

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