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Our farms in the area could most likely be one of the strongest allies for the Swartland Municipality and the people they are responsible for.

Apart from the already huge income they generate for the Municipality there is also enormous opportunities for eco tourism on these farms some of which already are world famous for the production of top quality wines and also for the characters involved with these businesses. Everybody knows how tuff farming can be financially and farmers / wine producers should start thinking more about doing eco tourism projects on there properties (Mountain biking / Trial running / camping etc). Great revenue can be generated through this and the community, especially the poorer farm worker communities can benefit from this greatly. It will also help with regards to some of the problems with unemployment in the area that we also know is a big problem. This in turn helps with social development as well as less crime. I know of various people looking to invest into such projects but they are reluctant to do so as the area (Especially) is under constant threat of new sand mining applications with some illegal mining already ongoing since more than a year now. This destroys all hope of such projects and needs to be stopped in its tracks! These trucks on our roads through populated areas with many school children are also of huge concern and something needs to be done asap before some one gets hurt.

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